***You are a few steps away from becoming wealthy***

Do you really want to be wealthy? Will you like to leverage the experience and secrets of a wealthy mentor? Congratulations!!!
You are six steps away from becoming wealthy. The amazing discoveries you are about to make will transform your life beyond imagination!

If you were given a blank cheque, what will you ask for? Many people will argue that the smartest thing to do is to ask for lots of money that will solve all their problems. Isn’t it?
This kind of thinking is what has kept many people broke; from the lottery winner to the ‘once upon a rich man’ to the ‘never have’. People who chase after wealth end up poor and wounded because they don’t understand the character of wealth.

***What’s the character of wealth?***

Wealth follows men that create value that serves men (write that somewhere and stare at it every morning).


***Are you ready?***

For the next few minutes, imagine yourself sitting in the room for a mentoring session with the first and only Trillionaire, the world has ever seen. Yeah, that’s a trillion with a capital “T”! King Solomon’s wealth was estimated to be worth as much as 2 Trillion dollars. Though dead, his personality, the kind of thinking that brought him so much recognition and wealth is well documented since he was a prolific writer, sharing his great wisdom with all who read it. He is credited with writing the biblical books of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and also contributed to Psalms.


***This is the mindset***

God appeared to Solomon, offering him a blank cheque. Instead of asking for lots of money and other things that an average mind will ask for, he said to God “Give me now wisdom and knowledge that I may go out and come in before this people: for who can judge this thy people that is so great?” (2 Chronicles 1:1-12).

Can you imagine that! Solomon’s request literally impressed God. Because he desired Wisdom and Knowledge above wealth. Riches, and wealth, and honour, followed him. There was no King before or after him who have what he had.
Be aware of the needs of people or problems around you. And deliberately seek knowledge of the problem and how to solve it. When you solve it, you have created value.

Now that you have the wise man formulae for wealth and abundance mindset, this is what you need to do:


1) Create Value

Identify and solve problems appropriately. Work hard on things that are important and you will be highly rewarded for it. Remember, When value is created and needs are met, wealth is attracted. The magnitude of the wealth attracted is proportional to the perceived ‘seriousness’ of the need, the difficulty in satisfying it and the mass appeal of the product or service that delivers the value.
We grow by the problems we solve. Which real-life problems have you solved or planned to solve?


2) Make it Relevant

The value created is relevant when it meets the needs of people in the most effective and efficient way possible. It is not just enough to meet needs, the value delivered must explore the frontier of possibilities brought about by technology, culture and other forces of changes that drive the era. Value creation should align with the trend and current dispensation if it must deliver the desired results. Tesla, the first electric car in the world by satisfying the demand for ecofriendly cars is rewarded with massive revenue that has seen its market capitalization worth $93 billion, a sum greater than the market capitalization of General Motors ($50 billion) and Ford ($37 billion) combined.


3) Good Presentation

“Whoever is slothful will not roast his game, but the diligent man will get precious wealth”
Proverbs 12:27

The value must be well packaged; its presentation must communicate its essence in a way that is intuitive and appealing. In addition to packaging, the value should be delivered properly. Excellent customer service will add value to the existing value. Both packaging and delivery should enhance the value being delivered, therefore, a lot of creative thinking must go into it.

4) Be Unique

Human fingerprints and the DNA tells a powerful story of uniqueness. In a crowded market and a world of billions of people, uniqueness gives everyone an opportunity to stand out and get noticed, a vital requirement for success. The value of your product or service delivery must be unique in order to be successful.

Uniqueness can be from the value itself, its packaging, delivery or any aspect of the value chain. Uniqueness can come from the originality of the value or from the creative combination of a different non-original idea that the value is built on and/or with. Apple became a trillion-dollar company by emphasizing its unique value proposition instead of fighting needless price wars with competitors.

Imitation can lead to limitation. Strive not just to be an echo but be original and distinctly unique as much as possible.


5) Relationship is key

Relationship is currency. Your relationship determines how wealthy or otherwise you will become. Every service or product you provide will be paid for by human beings. You will be rich when you have quality human connections that you offer value to. A lot of people have leveraged their celebrity status and large followership on social media to communicate and deliver value earning huge sums of money and prestige in return. In another dimension, there are people that you will connect to, who will change your wealth status forever. Who likes you matters! Some are poor because they either lack quality relationships or are not maximizing one.

Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and all the people (Luke 2:52), King Ahasuerus liked Esther, a village girl and she became a queen. The Pharaoh’s cup-bearer liked Joseph and mentioned his name to Pharaoh and later Joseph became a Prime minister. Who likes you because of the value that you offer?

Mentorship is one of the best ways to connect with quality relationships that will make you valuable. Do you have a mentor?


6) The Anointing Factor

Now to the final factor that most people and business journal don’t talk about often – Anointing. It is a special grace, enablement or opportunity that amplifies human efforts and delivers massive results. Some people call it luck, while others call it favour. It is a factor that manifests as an alignment of favourable factors. The advent of inspired ideas like the internet and the web technology created billionaires out of Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and others.

Place, time and family of birth are also part of the factors that grace aligns. Though there is a place of skill and persistence, the spinning of a roulette wheel, and its random outcome, proves that some things are just beyond human control.

Now that the wise man formulae for wealth and abundance have been laid before you, what will you do?

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.
Proverbs 13:20

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