“The quality of governance can be determined by the level of its community mentoring”

Community Mentoring Programme

We believe that the failure we see in leadership is as a result of the lack of mentorship. The quality of governance can be determined by the level of its community mentoring. One way to ensure effective mentoring is adopted in every community is through purposeful developmental projects. Consequently, Faithgane Foundation seeks to complement the effort of the government in engaging and empowering societies through the following ways:

i. Community Talent Hunt

Our society today is filled with talented youths in diverse professions roaming the streets with no aid to fulfilling their life’s ambition. This is a main contribution to the social ills the country is currently experiencing. Perceiving no hope for the future, they take to all manner of ill vices, including stealing, fighting, gambling, kidnapping, human and drug trafficking, rape, fraud etc. CTH is therefore intended at empowering these youths in our communities through promotions and award of scholarship. The CTH will cover specific areas in Sports, Science and Arts.

ii. Community Skill Development and Support Scheme

This programme is designed to empower women and youths in our communities through organized workshops for skill acquisition and awards of start-up grants to students with proven competence. We will focus on the following vocational skills:

Adult Literacy

Shoe & Leather works

Bead Stringing & Hat Making

Catering & Hotel Management

Vulcanizing/Wheel Balancing & Alignment

Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Textile Design

Fashion Design & Dress Making

Hair Dressing/Barbing & Cosmetology

Wood and Furniture Making

Production of Stove, Thread & Insecticide

Refrigerator & Air Conditioner Maintenance/Repair


Generator Repairs

Faithgane Publication

We intend to produce ‘The Mentormorphosis Magazine’ on quarterly basis. The purpose of the publication is to increase awareness for Mentorship as a tool for development.

The Mentormorphosis Centre (TMC)

TMC is an administrative and indoor training facility built for the purpose of organizing and coordinating the mentoring activities of Faithgane Foundation. It will be furnished with State-of-the-Art furniture and equipments in technology for administrative and training uses. Inbuilt facilities include;

Administrative unit

Conference Hall

Conference meeting room

Training class rooms

Mentor-Mentee meeting rooms

Indoor sport hall