Mentorship is a voluntary developmental relationship between two people, a ‘Mentor’ usually more experienced or more knowledgeable who is willing to help guide another individual’s growth, usually a ‘Mentee’ who is less experienced or less knowledgeable but submissive and ready always to serve.

Our foremost plan is to use the principle of mentorship to drive development across Africa with key focus in Nigeria and other West African countries. We intend to deploy the two forms in which mentorship is applied which are both Formal and Informal at the grass root in every town across board. Our strategy to do this will include:

FaithGane Mentorship


We understand the peculiarity and complexity of our target audience for which a vast number of youths are a majority. Based on this, we have adopted three different approaches to communicate knowledge and experience to them regardless of their number and location.

Bespoke Training

By making provision for customized training we are able to reach individuals, organizations and societies with specials needs or interest. We give prime attention to children and youths with special needs. Click here to view available categories. Specialized module.

Online Training

This will enable students, members to participate in our e-learning platform by enrolling for any of our online course. As such the barrier of distance is annulled and we are able to reach many where ever they may be all over the world. Some of our courses are listed in our COURSE MODULE. Click here to view Course module.

Organized Seminars

Through this medium we will be able to reach a negligible amount of people at a given time. The mentorship training seminar will be organized at various locations across the country. Click here to get details of upcoming seminars and locations. Mentorship Seminars.

Mentoring Network

This is a platform that provides the unique opportunity for youths to be able to access direct mentoring from our approved group of Mentors all over the globe. Each mentor will be connected directly via our network to an individual or a number of Mentees. The network could be either physical on internet based. Our goal is to build an effective network of 10,000 Mentors and 100,000 Mentees by 2016. Click here to sign up to our Mentor-2-Mentee Network.


The Mentormorphosis Conference

The Mentormorphosis is an annual international conference initiative of Faithgane Foundation to cause a conversion in mind (Psyche) “improved way of thinking” and in form (Appearance, Character) “improved way of living” in the lives of people within the African society through a process of continuous mentoring. The purpose is to emphasize the importance of mentorship as an instrument for sustained development. It is a Conference of its kind from the very heart of Africa. Click here to register!

Media Campaign

The media is an important tool of communication, so we take advantage of these platforms to promote the need for mentorship at all levels of government. We make use of both the Radio and TV media, Social media such as Facebook, Twitter. Also, we produce ‘The Mentormorphosis Magazine’ on quarterly basis. The publication is targeted at increasing awareness for Mentorship as a tool for development.


Motivation is good way to appreciate the positive contribution of our Mentors and Mentees in their advocacy and effort to improve the quality of lives in their society. They are worthy Ambassadors of our vision. We organize an award ceremony once a year to celebrate our Mentors and Mentees. Some of the Awards includes:

>Mentor Ambassador of the Year
>Mentee Ambassador of the Year
>The Mentor of the Year
>The most improved staff of the Year etc.