Internship is a unique opportunity that an employer offers to potential employees, often referred to as “interns“, to work at a firm for a limited period of time. Most Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last for as long as twelve months depending on the decision of the employer.

Internship is recognized as a suitable platform for mentorship training in areas of career development, particularly for graduates who are yet to gain full employment. In some organizations, they consider internship as an opportunity to hand pick interns who have proven themselves during the internship period and absorb them into the organization as full time employees.

In an effort to reduce the high level of unemployed youths, we have formed alliances with a number of firms and organization across the country through our Internship Support programmes. The programmes include:

FaithGane Internship


A number of youths are unaware of the opportunity available to them through internship. So we have devised a plan to create this awareness and inform the youths of the benefits.

We do this by visiting:

i. Communities through their local elders and youth leader

ii. Private and public institutions

iii. After Graduate Scheme e.g. NYSC

Pre-qualification Exercises

During the pre-qualification exercise we educate the interns on best practice in areas of organizational ethics, attitudinal behavior, relationships with staff of the organization. But most importantly we educate them to see internship as an opportunity to learn, so they are able to make the most of the period of internship. The purpose of the pre-qualification exercise is to:

i. Heighten the employment level of youths in the society

ii. Create the platform for youths to gain better understanding of their

iii. Gain access to career mentors who are able to aid their development

iv. Foster more job creations across the country

Interns Recruitment

We help organize interns’ recruitment for our partnering organizations both local and international.

Recruit Interns