No nation can experience continuous progress through sustained development without creating an enabling environment for job creation. There is also need for innovative solutions in existing markets through added value or offerings that provide better value to users.

Since innovation is an act of entrepreneurship, organizations are on the lookout for individuals who are enterprising and are able to add value in ways that can boost their income generation. Based on this we will be providing entrepreneurship development services for people in two strategic ways:

FaithGane Entrepreneurship

Enterprise Innovation

Not many desires to own their own businesses. They do not consider themselves gifted as entrepreneurs. They would prefer working as an employee with an organization. This reality has also pointed us to the need to train people on how to be enterprising particularly as an employee. So we have design entrepreneurial training for people to help them become innovative and value adding in their respective organizations. Click here to view our COURSE MODULE.

Job Creation

This we do in order to increase the number of jobs generated per time within the country. The approach is in two ways:

i. Training

We offer training to youths on how they can develop their skills for vocational jobs such as:

Catering & hotel management

Shoe & Leather works

Bead Stringing & Hat Making

Tile Laying/Pave Lock Making

Computer Studies

Textile Design

Fashion Design & Dress Making

Hair Dressing/Barbing & Cosmetology

We provide business management training alongside other professional skills that would be relevant for the success of any business venture.

ii. Provision of Seed Capital.

We realize that it is not enough to train them with the skill set required, but that there is need also to make available to them initial seed capital that can jump start their business.