We work with youths through our mentorship, internship and entrepreneurship development programmes empowering them to rise above Psycho-sociological deficiencies, Unemployment and Poverty.


We partner with successful HYBRID leaders across different spheres of life through our mentorship development programmes to serve as mentors to aspiring youths who need guidance and also provide relevant mentorship trainings for their leadership development.


We work with grass-root leaders at the local community level through our mentorship, internship and entrepreneurship development programmes to create a self-sustaining empowerment support to alleviate family and societal disorderliness.


We work with credible organizations to create jobs for unemployed youths through our internship support programmes and also offer relevant mentorship trainings to eliminate unproductive developmental structures in corporate organizations.

“Our Vision is to be the leading Mentoring Organization in Africa.”


FaithGane Mentorship


We connect aspiring youths to accomplished leaders for empowerment through formal and informal Mentoring opportunities on personal, career and entrepreneurial development.

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FaithGane Internship


We provide internship opportunities to unemployed youths through our network of credible organizations to enable them acquire necessary skills and experience for career and entrepreneurship development.

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FaithGane Entrepreneurship


We enable Job creation opportunities through our entrepreneurship development programmes for youths and local communities.

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