The Emerging Entrepreneur

9 Strategic information to help you cut through the edge of a new experience in business practice

By Owen Iyiewuare

The delusion of ‘The Emerging Entrepreneur’ particularly in Nigeria, can be blurred as he seeks to break through the edge of a new experience. His psyche is loomed with unresolved problems, unanswered questions, limitations of his family support, challenges of the society he is unavoidably part of. Amidst all these, his unquenchable desire for solutions seems to take the better part of his contemplation. In his darkest thoughts, he knows his answers and solutions are within reach, so he searches diligently the switch to light up his world. In the shadows of his chambers The Emerging Entrepreneur craves for a change, he desires a better life for himself, his family, loved ones and his community. Yes! He knows about ideas, He has perhaps heard of the popular slogan “ideas rule the world”. The issue of idea of what business to set up seems not be his intricacy, for most it is an issue of Capital required for funding, for some others it is lacked set skills.

If you are an emerging entrepreneur, then I have written this subject specifically for you. What I will show you as you read on, will illuminate you, it will be as real as I see in the faces of those I consult with on daily basis. I intend to make the content brief but loaded with all you require to emerge and take your first flight in a whole new experience of the adventure of setting up your own business empire.

Thank God for technology, we all now have access to information bordering on various subjects and inclinations. Whatever you want to know just ‘GooGle’. Search “how to become a successful entrepreneur?” and get piles of information that can help you develop your entrepreneurial skill all at the expense of your internet data. But the information I would like to point out to you is strategic in nature. Having general information on diverse subjects is great; please covet it, because it is a necessary part of your life’s tour as the knowledge acquired can improve the quality of your decisions. However, acquiring so much information does not guarantee success in life. Remember when you were in school, you read only subjects that were consistent with your career pursuit. That is what it is all about; you strive towards being an authority in your field of play. Let only the topics that are relevant to your life’s purpose be at the core of your interest. As an entrepreneur, you could be saddled with the need to acquire more information about your trade and also at the same time be overwhelmed by the vast available resources and confused about what information should come first. It is for this reason that I have written this article. As a T.E.E., what you need to rise to a place of significance in your business, are strategic information that can yield results.

Strategy Information 1: “Much more than capital, what a T.E.E. needs to emerge in his business is a strategy that guarantees timely solutions

I have been involved in building businesses and setting up non-governmental organizations the better part of my live and have succeeded remarkably regardless of insufficient funding and limited working resources. Permit me to say also, that, I have also had my flaws and falls which have opened my eyes to the intricacies of doing business. So I will guide you based on the insight God has granted me, my experiences, and the knowledge that I have acquired in the process. I will distinguish some of these into what I refer to as the rules and exceptions of business practice. These rules show us what we need to practice and do, while the exceptions show us what we should avoid in order to build a successful business.

Please understand that these strategies can only be useful to you if you are T.E.E., and your true desire is to build your own business.

To be continued….

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