The Emerging Entrepreneur

The Emerging entrepreneur (Part 3)

You would recall in the first part of this post I had mentioned that there are rules and exceptions to business practice.

Just before I open up with the do’s and don’ts in business, I would like to correct a wrong impression that we have about doing business in Nigeria with this;

Strategy Information 3: “Nigeria is blessed with every resource required for the success of any venture; and the environments also are business enhancing”.

A lot of us are of the opinion that “the Nigerian government is not providing an enabling environment for businesses to thrive”.  I dare say, that, this notion is wrong and non acceptable.

I will not play dumb to the socio-infrastructural deficiencies of our nation, some of which include: unstable power supply, poor road networks, low credit facilities, poor access to government funding, poor distribution network, increased foreign rates, high cost of living, poor access to raw materials, high cost of raw materials, whatever the case maybe, they still do not constitute enough limitation to anyone with a will to succeed in business.

The electricity we so clamor for was once a mystery until it became an invention. The bad road we so complain about was once a desert place until tar was discovered. Even the Biro and Pen we use today was once a mystery until someone somewhere invented it. So I ask you, how was the world like before all these inventions? Would you refer to it then as enabling or disabling?

If power seems to be your challenge in doing business, then create a solution or find out what has been done already. Some of our youths have already invented power solutions and I can refer you to one or two of them that I know. If capital seems to be your issue, then try out your hand in labour or handwork, if you are determined by the end of one year, you would have raised the capital you require. Here in this country, if you are hungry, it was your choice. If you dare enter any restaurant I guarantee you will have something to eat before leaving, if only you will volunteer your service. So please I advise you get rid of this Psychological plaque that Nigeria does not have the enabling environment for business to thrive. This notion puts into captivity everyone who succumbs to it and renders them incapable of productivity both physically and mentally.

The truth is, Nigeria is blessed with every resource required for the success of any venture, and the environments also are business enhancing. Believe this truth and you will be well on your way to making a difference. Those who keep their gaze on the sun do not see shadows.

Just in case you are not sure if you are T.E.E. here are some fundamentals you need to observe and clarify before you resolve to build your business.

If you fall into any of these categories, it means you are not a T.E.E. so I advice you consider other options apart from setting up a business:

  1. If you are not inclined to discovering a need that you naturally would have the passion to solve at the risk of losing your all
  2. If you have a phobia for risk taking
  3. If you consider it a herculean task becoming a professional
  4. If you lack the patience for long term benefits
  5. If you will not adopt best practice in quality delivery
  6. If you will not uphold moral values and business ethics
  7. If you do not have good human relation

These basics are the foundation upon which you can build. I strongly advice, you do not lack in any of these qualifications. So apply diligence towards assessing yourself with these fundamentals to know if you have what it takes to build a successful business.  The reason why I had to share these first with you is because of the times we are in, from a global perspective. Some years back, you could still succeed for a season, even when you fall short in any of these qualifications, but not these days.  You can’t succeed in building a global enterprise if you default in any these fundamentals.

To be Continued…

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