The Emerging Entrepreneur

The Emerging Entrepreneur (Part 2)

I had just graduated from the University, while in the University I had made up my mind I wasn’t going to join in the queue for job applicants. My reasons was that:

First the queue for job applicants in Nigeria was so long and I didn’t have the patience to wait and compete

Second, I felt I wasn’t going to win even if I competed. The paradox was that, the examiners didn’t have enough wisdom to discern my potential because I knew deep down in me that I was loaded

Third, I thought to myself, why use my potentials to enrich others, when I could have as well used it for my own wealth creation.

Fourth, I hated being treated unfairly as though I do not deserve what I earned. Please don’t get me wrong there are some Bosses that are really nice.

Fifth, I preferred to starve working out my own salvation, than to live on vain glory and have my potentials suppressed.

For these reasons, I had decided to stop at nothing, until I emerge in my business experience.

So I started out serving others not for financial gains but rather to build my capacity. My Mentor advised I try to solve as much problems that could boost my financial literacy.

I had managed to write my first book: “Dynamics of Effective Friendship – A recipe for nation building” which did not do so well in sales, because I lacked what I have now realized today; to be Project Management Skills. But as God would have it, the same book ultimately led to my emergence as an entrepreneur.

My Business experience began when my brother-in-law invited me over to help him set up an Oil and Gas Servicing Company. What inspired me in his words was when he said to me “The same way you wrote your book, is the same way you can set up this company.” I left his office elated as I felt so encouraged.

What! Are you telling me I have what it takes to set up an oil and gas servicing company? Meee an ordinary B.Sc holder in Zoology, I didn’t even have Masters or any other professional qualification. All I had was my B.Sc.

Wao! It was exactly what I have always wanted. The opportunity has finally come for me to emerge. My motivation was not the pay; I just couldn’t wait to explore my innate potentials. My office resumes at 8:00am, I get to work as early as 6:30 – 7:00am and get straight on with my business for the day. I took my work home, the week will not suffice, I had fun working even on weekends, Morning, Noon and Night.

So I worked in Skype Energy Limited, developing the business concepts and the more I developed the more I learned. Soon I began to discover the relationship between an IDEA and a CONCEPT. I also began to see opportunities of how I can create a business that helps people who are interested in building their own business, develop their Concept for the business.

In the process, I learnt some valuable lessons, which I will share with you:

  1. Ideas are Not Concepts until they are well understood and defined
  2. An Idea is not good enough in setting up a business except if it is a well defined concept.
  3. A lot of businesses in Nigeria have not fully transformed their ideas to concepts
  4. Nothing is as powerful as a well understood and defined concept
  5. Nothing is as disastrous as a Misconception

So I concluded, IDEA is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Strategy Information 2: “Having an Idea is not good enough; you need a well defined concept. An Idea that is well understood is a CONCEPT”.

Since then I have helped several others develop their business concept and today I am still in the business of developing Concepts for Start –up businesses.

To be Continued…

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