How to reward a special friend who has made an indelible impact in your life..

I had first thought of this during my graduation from the University, precisely in November 2008. I was in the shower and thought to myself what to do to reward the individual who had made the most positive impact in my life in that year. A few faces came to my mind as I thought deeply on how I have been impacted by their influence. Finally I decided I was going to give a special gift of appreciation to a friend of mine, who also was my class captain in the University. His name was Olabode Aladesanmi. Bode as we call him is a tall, chocolate skinned handsome young man. I met him in my 200 level. We studied zoology together at the faculty of Science, University of Lagos. But we only became close from when we were in 300 level.  I liked Bode for so many reasons, particularly his astute skill for analyzing issues. He is intelligent, works hard, friendly at all times and was always willing to help his fellow students come out of their challenges. I liked listening when he talks and noticed that his words are fewer when it is really important. I believe in those few words, what he meant was; Hey guy, I can only advice, but the decision is entirely yours to make.  I would anyway that you make a wise choice. Having noticed this about him, I was attracted to him and decided I was going to regard him as a close ally. It was in December 29, 2008, which also is his birth date; I decided to buy him a sleeveless inner wear as a gift to thank him for making a great impact in my life that particular year. After which I decided to set up a group I called FRIEND OF THE YEAR AWARD (FOTYA) in Facebook (, where I encourage people in the group to learn to celebrate and reward those who have contributed positively in their lives.


How To Reward An Impactful Relationship

To reward an impactful relationship, the following tips will help you make it really memorable:

  • Talk about it – if truly you feel a sense of appreciation for someone who has made a positive impact in your life, then you should talk about it. Let the person and all who cares know about what the individual has done that has resulted to such a remarkable transformation in your life. He deserves to know, others should know as well, so those who have been tried in their relationships can believe and be hopeful that good things still happens, because there are still good people living next door.


  • Be real with it – your gratitude should feel deeper than what your words say. People can tell when you are true. Emotions are not vague when expressed; it can be seen and perceived. When expressed truly from the heart, the individual who receives the gratitude feels a sense of value and appreciation, a memory they often live to cherish the rest of their lives.


  • Give a hug – sometimes a warm embrace says it all. It seems to me that the use of a hug in appreciation tends to send deeper impression, compare to when it is done without it.


  • Use a surprise gift – everyone cherishes a gift especially when it is unexpected. The gift does not have to be expensive. Whatever it cost is irrelevant, what is important is that, it was given in love and sincere gratitude.


  • Make it public – it feels better when someone is celebrated openly, than in the closet. Try a party, an outing or a special occasion to celebrate and reward anyone who has made an indelible impact in your life. He/she will eternally be grateful for the gesture.

I hope you found these tips useful. Someone special who has impacted your life greatly is worth celebrating. Do what you can, with what you have to show how grateful you are.

I would like to hear from you. Send me your comments and experiences on how you rewarded an impactful relationship.

Happy Cheers!

Owen Iyiewuare

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